Ornament Visits Los Angeles May 5, 2018

Ornament Visits Los Angeles: May 5, 2018

      If you're living in Southern California, you're probably aware of the beautiful days we've been having. This past weekend, I decided to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles to visit some friends and enjoy our sunny days. First stop: the Fowler Museum, where Bd Soni, an Indian goldsmith whose work was featured in the 2017 exhibition "Enduring Splendor: Jewelry of India's Thar Desert," was holding a trunk show. His work, as well as that of three other sonis, or goldsmiths, from the city of Jaisalmer were included to show the contemporary lineage of Indian jewelrymaking. This was his second year exhibiting at the Fowler Museum, and laid out on tables was a wide selection of jewelry, made by himself and his family, as well as antique jewelry purchases. These pieces ranged from traditional Indian jewelry, to contemporary designs made by Bd himself.

Afterwards, I stopped by Freehand Gallery to take in the annual jewelry show, "Back Again, Forever." Based on the themes of memory and nostalgia, and how jewelry can cause us to recollect on our past, the show featured work by Michael Bayes, Raïssa Bump, Deborah Cross, Kathlean Gahagan, Gabrielle Gould, Peggy Johnson, Maru Lopez, Mary Filapek and Lou Ann Townsend, Dave and Roberta Williamson, and Carly Wright. From the Williamsons' brooches and pins that incorporate found objects, old photographs and prints to the delightful miniature animals forged by Peggy Johnson, the quixotic aviary of Gabrielle Gould and riotous coils and geometric constructions of Mary Filapek and Lou Ann Townsend, reminiscent of abstract modern art, a wonderful contrast was to be had with the Indian jewelry which I'd witnessed earlier in the day.

—Patrick Benesh-Liu

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