Light Sources Volume 38.1 Preview

Experiments with Lighting Sources

ETHNOGRAPHIC AND ANCIENT BRACELETS arranged on the frosted Plex of a FOBA sweep table, illuminated from above with a small Chimera softbox, set at 800 watt second power from a Norman P2000D power supply. The Canon 7D was set at ISO 100, lens at f32 and hand-held. The African, Asian and Native American bracelets of stone, shell, boar’s tusks, metal and glass are 6.3 to 10.7 centimeters diameters. Note that shadows are softer with the Chimera softbox compared to those on flash-mounted diffusers. Photoshop was used to resize the images to 320 dpi, sharpened and auto color corrected. Photographs by Robert K. Liu/Ornament.

As a photographer, I constantly think of how I can improve my photography or how to better utilize my equipment. While waiting for my new book, The Photography of Personal Adornment (Liu 2014), to land in California, I realized that I had not used some of my older equipment for a long time, perhaps not since I switched from shooting primarily film to digital. Knowing that this year I have to travel to photograph out of the studio, I wanted to know what was the minimum of equipment I needed to carry, yet be capable of taking macro images that were of good reproduction quality.