Peter Antor Volume 39.2

ARCHITECTONIC RING #3 of silver, ebony, cement, powder coat, twenty-four karat gold leaf, 7.62 x 10.16 x 7.62 centimeters, 2016.

There is a secret realm where imagination resides. It is right in front of us, yet unseeable. It is always present, yet so often hides itself from view. It can be accessed at any time, but cannot be forced, or it is as ungraspable as a gust of wind. This is the universe in miniature that Peter Antor seeks to unlock in all of us with his work, and it is a project both ambitious and passionate.

      The incubation room for this passion is architecture. Antor’s sense of wonder with human-made structures is reminiscent of a child’s awe wandering into a toy store for the first time. “Living in Grand Rapids, it’s not a big city, but it has the vibes you get from big buildings,” he observes, “the hustle and bustle. There’s a Frank Lloyd Wright house right in Grand Rapids called the Meyer May House, and I’ve always been fascinated with Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.” Antor goes on to say how enclosed, finite spaces can seem vaster than the sky. Being within a colossal building somehow relates a difference in scale that peering into infinity cannot.


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Patrick R. Benesh-Liu is Associate Editor of Ornament and continues to find time to enjoy craft in between writing, travel and tech support. Earlier in 2016 he visited Gallery Lulo in Healdsburg, where he took great delight in the gallery’s impeccable taste and delicate arrangement. This issue he writes on recent MFA graduate Peter Antor, who he crossed paths with at the 2015 SNAG Conference. Benesh-Liu found much to appreciate in Antor, from his views on personal adornment to his thoughtful ruminations on beauty in architecture and design. As Ornament’s reporter, he also provides a zesty compilation of the latest craft News, where you can find out what is happening with art to wear in the global neighborhood.