Jewelry Arts


Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington, featured twenty-two artists charged with exploring the universe as subjects for jewelry. The celestial landscape, it turns out, is not just out of this world but within.


Humans have always gazed at the heavens with wonder and awe. The sky, with its endless shifts in light and mood, inspires fear and faith, science and fantasy. The gods of nearly all religions dwell in the endless, unfathomable worlds beyond our little planet, as do the extraterrestrial civilizations described by science fiction writers. Even as astrophysicists study space and explain what they know, the celestial world remains tantalizingly mysterious to most of us. And thank goodness for that.

Fiber Arts


Clothing artist Andrea Geer stretches the imagination in her experiments with color, pattern, texture, and shape, using a diverse range of tools. Her designs are delightful variations on current sartorial splendor.


Ethnographic Arts


Hair adornments were a vital part of women’s jewelry in many parts of East Asia. Silver hairpins from China illustrate the diversity of this important accessory. 

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