from the editors


Dear Ornament Reader,

Thank you for experiencing the Ornament mission as we begin a new volume. You are soon to partake in another issue dedicated to the richness and diversity of our subjects, whether they be contemporary, ethnographic or ancient. Many of you immediately turn to our Postscript as introduction to the current issue. Your personal journey begins here, then moves through the magazine as you freely select from its contents for the thoughtful reading and pure enjoyment to follow.

A brilliant and distinct moment occurs near the end of each Ornament production schedule. It is a wonderment pause, one might say, as we participate in the energy that forms as the numerous articles come together. It is a brief but still profoundly delightful time before we plunge into the next Ornament with its own stimulating narrative. It has been a lifetime of growing, learning and evolving.

Our mission statement communicates what we are as a publication and who we are as individuals. Ornament celebrates a unique art because its context is the human being. From our beginning in 1974, we set ourselves the exciting and exacting goal of documenting the art and craft of personal adornment. We provide insight into its long history. With informative profiles, we support emerging and established artists and the artworks they make today.

For almost forty-one years Ornament has contributed to a more complete history of personal adornment with the thousands of articles we have published. No matter how challenging the days, we continue to strive for the very best. In our office, our readers are part of each day’s mindful journey. You are always in our thoughts as we endeavor to illuminate your lives, as well as our own, with carefully realized and beautiful presentations. Our visualization is that you, too, share a fundamental belief that we can help sustain a healthy and compassionate earth when we know more about our own and other cultures.

Thank you, again, for joining our odyssey. Together we will make this world a little more meaningful, a little more beautiful, a little bit better—for that is the mission we all share.