from the editors


Dear Ornament Reader,

Another visually rich and editorially satisfying presentation awaits our readership as a new issue of Ornament is received and its pages soon turned from one article to the next. The summer season is in full swing with much to do and plenty to distract us; but it is also a time to slow our pace, perhaps to sit quietly in our yard, just feeling the sun’s warmth and the wind’s breeze embracing us, releasing ourselves to the moment with gratitude—overwhelmed, humbled and joyful by the manifold blessings we encounter throughout our lives.

      One of the ways in which we express gratitude is by celebrating and respecting the act of creativity. In Glen Brown’s article on Wendy McAllister, she honors the creative act’s close connection to nature. “Each unique individual form affects adjacent forms, and so on; all together creating an environment unique to that time and place. In some small way, this is the process I’m engaged in as I combine elements in the composition of each brooch.”

Ashley Callahan describes the multifaceted jewelry of Eric Silva: “For many works, the precise nature of the materials Silva uses is not immediately obvious. He believes the romance is in the mystery of the objects. He desires them first to stand out as curious forms, then to be appreciated for what they are made of—allowing the viewer to experience two waves of wonderment.”

Jo Lauria introduces Nicki Marx, whose feather work emerged from the artistically fertile 1970s, “when artists dared to make body coverings that were highly expressive, larger than life-size, sometimes outlandish, and constructed more as costume than clothing.” She delineates Marx’s strong environmental attachment, seeing “beauty in the feather’s pristine state” and where they become, as Marx states, “her tubes of paint—her palette.”

Each Ornament has its own stimulating narrative voice and the articles that make up this issue are no exception, including those on the workshop experience of teaching and making bamboo jewelry; contemporary jeweler Jana Brevick’s exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum; Chinese children’s hats; the International Folk Art Market; and so much more.

Thank you, again, for joining our odyssey. Together we will make this world a little more meaningful, a little more beautiful, a little bit better—for that is the mission we all share.