from the editors

43rd Anniversary


Dear Ornament Reader,

Strange times, aren’t they for us all? We don’t even have to put a name to it; we know, whether we verbalize it or not. If there is a time, when the universe seems out of balance and tries people’s souls, this is definitely one of them. Foundations shaken. Days beginning and ending with a sense of unease.

      What is true or truth? What is reality, what is a fact—Are we in a critical struggle over the faux, fake, false? We are learning, and relearning, that one significant national governing change has repercussions that reach into our homes and backyards. In the USA, democratic standards and ideals are always being tested and challenged. That is the way we chose to establish ourselves and to make our way into an ever-evolving world. It is also nothing new, but as old as our earliest beginnings as organized groups.

Keep in mind that this is a not a runaway train. A renewed sense of action is sweeping the country. Just look around and there is something you can do, in fact much to do, locally and nationally. For us it includes the arts—in the making and the supporting of—something we all share and partake in.

It seems like each day the Ornament inbox receives notices of the arts in jeopardy. The National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, PBS, and NPR have been targeted for reductions or elimination. In this very issue of Ornament, for example, it would directly affect the museums, galleries and artists we cover, the Craft in America series, and the advertisers whose livings are made from what they sell. The trajectory is downward and the object is to negate and diminish the freedom, the perspective and the opinion that the arts bring to our lives. The arts are as essential to our universal humanity as the beating heart is to our individual body. We implicitly understand that they have a miraculous way of leading us to a sense that truth exists, that it is out there for each of us to discover and behold.

There is much on our citizenry plate. We cannot compartmentalize what is happening and we must give a portion of attention to all. But our values are on the line, what we hold dear is in danger, that which is the best of America’s humane sense of justice and fairness and respect for all. It is no less than our identity as a nation that is imperiled. There is a time to resist, to embrace one’s courage and be moved to action. And that time is now.