from the editors

43rd Anniversary

There are mornings when the sun pours in and the sky is that kind of blue you know you’ve never seen before. And the quality of the white clouds floating and the geraniums blooming indoors and the floor and carpets and all the colors and shapes are new too. These moments are very intense because you can hardly believe that this beauty exists every day when you are going faster or you have your back turned to it.

And it’s these moments that one feels yes, the same blood runs in us all and these things are really me too. All these things are, as Alan Watts said, extensions of myself. And I think how beautiful, how really great I am. I am this tree and I am that flower and I am not separate from them.
— Corita Kent

Dear Ornament Reader,

We are so enthusiastic about this issue and of our being able to share it with you. A neverending source of wonderment to us is how much beauty and history has been contained within Ornament for over forty-three years. It would be impossible to present a complete picture of personal adornment, but in every issue we add to this fascinating subject, illuminating it a little more. Welcome, and enjoy.

      Our aim has always been to provide knowledge and inspiration to you, the reader, and to support the artists we cover. We portray their lives to illuminate the conditions by which artists live and create. From the beginning we wanted Ornament to be a haven where our readership could enter and make wonderful discoveries, joining others who relish and embrace an expansive global perspective of ancient, ethnographic and contemporary jewelry and clothing.

This past year has been much like other years in the Ornament life, one of dedication to providing our interested and curious readership with more information and beautiful artworks to stimulate and challenge your hearts and minds. Your support has helped draw out the best in us and in Ornament, as manifestations of the myriad possibilities for human outreach. 

Those who know us personally or through the pages of Ornament appreciate how much we care about Ornament being not only the best magazine on personal adornment but one that is compassionate and humanistic as well; to be seen and appreciated as a tangible celebration of life through the creative endeavor. Each day we are reminded of the profound interconnectedness we share with one another, and we treasure and value this as a gift to be given and received.

Thank you for being a member of our community of fellow explorers in art and craft, and for helping us to enjoy the seasons of our lives in this most astonishing of worlds. You have helped to make our lives bright with its affirming light and warmth and less alone in this complex and vast universe.


With our best wishes,