IN MEMORIAM: RON HO, 1936 - 2017

Ron Ho and Ramona Solberg wearing silver Miao jewelry.

Ron Ho and Ramona Solberg wearing silver Miao jewelry.

Ron Ho, a master of visual collage and storytelling through found object jewelry, passed away September 7. Melding the Asian-American experience together with a wry wit, Ho's work described little vignettes in beautiful packages. He was among those influential jewelry artists of the Pacific Northwest such as Ramona Solberg, Carol Webb and Ruth Pennington who helped nurture a fantastically fertile creative environment.

This is a letter from the Living Treasures Committee

There is no gentle or good way to break the sad news that our beloved friend
Ron Ho passed away early Thursday morning (September 7). He had been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer just this Spring. Amazingly, he kept that upbeat Ron-Ho attitude we all loved, despite his declining health,…we will miss it. This is a huge loss to our community, and to those he touched all across our country.

Ron was that rare bird: a gifted artist, an inspiring and welcoming teacher, and a deeply kind person. As such he made true and lasting friends with a great sea of people!

You who are part of that sea will be heartened to know that last August NWDC revived The Living Treasures Project to document the amazingness that was Ron Ho's life and art. The project was already well underway when Ron was diagnosed, and in true Ron form, despite the tiring treatments he was undergoing, he opened his heart and home to Fidget TV, aka John and Gayle, a husband and wife team of wonderful and caring videographers, who are both incredibly skilled and as warm-hearted and generous as Ron himself.

John and Gayle, understanding the urgency of the situation, were able to complete the filming of the raw interview footage with Ron while he was still feeling relatively well. But there is still a LOT of work to be done to craft a finished documentary out of that material. Plus there are still other interviews to record with students, friends, and fellow travelers of Ron's.

The finished film will cost NWDC just over $50,000, and this cost must be covered entirely by donations. About a third of the members of NWDC have already made donations to help us meet this goal. An immense "thank you" goes out to these members for their collective donations of almost $7000.  The Living Treasures Committee truly cannot thank you enough for helping us make this inspiring movie happen.

If you haven't donated yet - or, honestly, even if you have! - we would be unbelievably grateful if you would consider making a donation. You can send your donation by check in the self-addressed envelope we sent you, or  click here to donate online by credit card through our secure website (after clicking, scroll down to the bottom of the page for donation options).

We are so sad to have lost this sweet elegant talented man.

Please help us finish the film that will introduce him to yet more students to delight and inspire!

The Living Treasures Committee
Ron Pascho (Chair), Julia Lowther, Lynn DiNino, Larry Metcalf, Lloyd Herman, Liza Halvorsen, Larry Halvorsen, Christopher Latham, and Gretchen Echols

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