Ornament Print Edition Volume 31.1


Ornament Print Edition Volume 31.1


Excelling the Work of Heaven.
2007 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

Hans Christensen Abstract Compositions. 
Anime Cosplay in America
A Fantastic Regalia. 
Linda Kindler Priest A Classic Menagerie. 
The Daphne Farago Collection Jewelry at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 
Carol Cassidy Reweaving a Laotian Tradition.
San Diego State University Studio Arts in Metals and Fiber. 
Exhibition Craft in America: Expanding Traditions. 
Exhibition Journey to the Copper Age. 
Venue SOFA Chicago. 
Artist Statement Fred Tate. 
Artist Statement Laura Bowker.
Marketplace Shipwreck Beads.

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