Photography of Personal Adornment


Photography of Personal Adornment


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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Photographic, Lighting, Studio & Computer Equipment
Chapter 3: Photographic Techniques
Chapter 4: Photography of Jewelry: Point of View/Orientation
Chapter 5: Photography of Jewelry: Comparison
Chapter 6: Photography of Jewelry: Imitations
Chapter 7: Photography of Jewelry: Process
Chapter 8: Photography of Jewelry: In the Studio
Chapter 9: Photography of Jewelry: On Models
Chapter 10: Photography of Jewelry: Beads and Beadwork
Chapter 11: Photography of Jewelry: Covers
Chapter 12: Photography of Jewelry: Advertisements
Chapter 13: Photography of Jewelry: Museums
Chapter 14: Photography of Artist Studios
Chapter 15: Photography of Clothing
Chapter 16: Photography of Environment and Events

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Beautifully illustrated, The Photography of Personal Adornment is a non-technical book on how to professionally photograph jewelry and clothing. It is based on Ornament Coeditor Robert K. Liu's forty plus years of being the in-house photographer for Ornament Magazine, shooting both in and out of the studio. The photographic techniques in this book are directed toward Jewelry/Artwear Craftspeople, Researchers, Scholars and Museum/Gallery Staff, although it is useful for anyone engaged in macro and small object photography. The 16 chapters cover photographic, lighting, studio and computer equipment; photographic techniques; point of view/orientation; comparison; imitations; process; photography of jewelry in the studio; photography of jewelry on models; photography of beads and beadwork; photography of covers; photography of advertisements; photography in museums; photography of artist studios; photography of clothing and photography of environments and events.
160 pages in full color, with some 530 photographs, 16 chapters, 8.5 x 9.25 inches. Detailed text and captions. Glossary. References and Bibliography. Index. Softbound, printed on heavy paper. Just landed on the West Coast after being delayed due to dock slowdown.

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