ORNAMENT Volume 31 No. 2

Nick Cave. Irreducible Energy
Andy Cooperman. A Heightened Muscularity
Forging A Future. A New Era in Jewelry
Gabrielle Gould. Fine Feathered Fantasies
Hezuo Festival. Gansu Province
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Craft on the Coast of Maine


Such humble resources are the indispensable components of artist Nick Cave’s Soundsuits: full-body, even larger-than-life compositions cobbled from flea-market finds and thrift-store gleanings that have been pointedly granted a new lease on life.


His rigorously crafted, intellectually evocative jewelry is instantly recognizable to those who have followed Andy Cooperman’s twenty-year career.


Several young American Indian jewelers are developing distinctive contemporary styles while acknowledging traditional ones. Like the generation before them, they are exploring materials and techniques new to American Indian jewelrymaking.


Tucked into a secluded garage in back of a Victorian frame house in the old section of Saint Augustine, Florida, is the studio of jeweler Gabrielle Gould.


The Qinghai-Tibetan plateau of eastern Tibet is the setting for many festivals during the summer months, like the Highland Festival at Yushu (McDaniel 2000, Ornament 23(4): 48-53.). In July, 2001, Paddy Kan traveled with two Chinese American photographers through this area and visited Hezuo, a small town southwest of Lanzhou, situated at the eastern border of these highland grasslands.