ORNAMENT Volume 32 No. 1

Glenda Arentzen. Abstract Expressionist
2008 Philadelphia Museum Of Art Craft Show
Writing With Thread. Traditional Textiles of Southwest Chinese Minorities
Carla Reiter. Fashioning a New Vocabulary
Risa Benson. A Sensualist’s Delight


At last, the aerie that serves as a seasonal refuge for jeweler Glenda Arentzen and her life partner, glassblower Rick Harkness, comes into sight, perched on a hill top.


By the time the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show opens in mid-November, a new President-elect will have been decided, signaling a time of change, of renewed optimism, new policies, and a new direction. Craft, too, is always in perpetual change.


The ethnic minority peoples of southwestern China are collectively renowned for their beautiful and technically sophisticated textile arts, their distinctive ethnic costumes and their elaborate silverwork.


Fashioned from darkened silver wire, the gauzy pods, cornets, tendrils, and collapsed tubes of Illinois metalsmith Carla Reiter’s distinctive knitted jewelry defy expectations about every inherent property of metals save ductility.


Acouple of years ago Risa Benson attended a workshop in making pojagi, the decorative cloths that Koreans use for wrapping gifts, food and nearly anything that can be wrapped.