ORNAMENT Volume 32 No. 3

Lloyd E. Herman. One of a Kind
2009 Smithsonian Craft Show
Gail Crosman Moore. A Study in Contrasts
Davide Bigazzi. The Textures of Tuscany
Elise Winters. The Essential Lightness of Being


In 1966 Lloyd E. Herman was a young man with an interest in the arts and a flair for public relations.


Despite the doom and gloom on the economic front, the 2009 Smithsonian Craft Show promises to be the outstanding showcase it has been for more than a quarter century.


At times her robust laughter fills the room, sweeping along her listener in a tsunami of laughter. Other times, she is soft, thoughtful, pensive. Much like her creative work, Gail Crosman Moore is very much a study in contrasts, now a ribald earth mother, moments later an aesthete, focusing on form, color and contrast.


On the bulletin board above jewelry artist Davide Bigazzi’s workbench is a personalized postcard from Valerie Greene inscribed with the words “You empowered me.”


A joyous expression spreads over her face as Elise Winters talks about her latest polymer clay jewelry. “I have never been this happy about what I’m doing, as excited and energized and charged up.