ORNAMENT Volume 32 No. 5

Nancy Megan Corwin. A Passion for Technique
Kristin Lora. An Artful Whimsy
Alexander Calder. The Art of Perpetual Motion
Martín Churba. A Textile Alchemist
Hazel Blake French. Beholding Beauty in the Everyday


For her first teaching stint at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine, this past June, Seattle-based metalsmith Nancy Megan Corwin came well prepared.


Like Geppetto, Kristin Lora likes to make things come alive. In her jewelry, in her sculptural objects and arttoys, something moves.


It was in this atmosphere that the great American creator Alexander Calder found his artistic birth. The Modernist era was perhaps the first major epoch where humanity, at least the Western portion of it, saw a distinct difference between the past and the present, a break in traditional continuity.


Meeting Argentine designer Martín Churba for the first time is electric. His charming, charismatic personality exudes a buoyant energy that captivates immediately, not unlike the dynamic, fashion forward clothing of Tramando, his Buenos Aires design company.


Hazel Blake French was an Arts & Crafts jewelry designer who interpreted the colorful beauty of Sandwich glass fragments through her creations of intricate and sculptural jewelry, which were inspired by the indigenous flora and fauna of Cape Cod.