ORNAMENT Volume 38 No. 2

Nicki Marx Feathered Fantasies.
Wendy McAllister Worldly Geometry.
Eric Silva The Mystery of Objects.
Workshop Experience Making Bamboo Jewelry.
Ethnographic Arts International Folk Art Market.
Fiber Arts Laguna Beach International Wrap Festival.
Jewelry Arts Jana Brevick: This Infinity Fits in My Hand.
Precolumbian Ingenuity.
Folk Arts Chinese Children's Hats.
Glass Beadmaking The String Theory.



Jo Lauria brings the story of Nicki Marx to life with her exposé on this child of the 1960s. At a time of boldness of creativity and broad imagination, Marx embraced natural materials as her palette to unleash otherworldly creations. Her feathered collars, breastplates and capes are the stuff of dreams and fantasy. After having retreated from the spotlight, Marx has returned to the stage from a long hiatus.


Glen R. Brown takes a cerebral exploration through the work of jeweler Wendy McAllister. McAllister has charted a course of evolution, having begun in the realms of strict mathematical forms, and slowly loosening those boundaries in the pursuit of the organic. Her enameled brooches are an investigation of the synthesis of order, structure, chaos, and variation that defines life itself.


Ashley Callahan delves into jewelry artist Eric Silva’s background and philosophy, and in doing, so finds answers regarding the creative process. Silva’s pragmatism results in ethereal jewels of bone, antler and fossil, that fascinate on the merit of its own beauty, rather than the uniqueness of the material. His holistic approach to making encompasses every aspect of his life, and his sincerity expresses itself in curiosity towards the history of objects.


Robert K. Liu compares and contrasts teaching photography and heatbending bamboo jewelry workshops. A new material like black bamboo is a challenge to the instructor and the students. With differing backgrounds, being experienced in either polymer clay, beading or metal jewelry, their ability to work a novel material was unexpected, although the cross-training of some students in many media assisted in the success of their resulting jewelry.