ORNAMENT Volume 38 No. 3

Chris Francis Tinker, Tailor, Shoemaker.
Susie Ganch Systems, Cycles and Ethics.
Patricia Palson The Warp and Weft of Fashion.
Jennifer Merchant Acrylic Razzmatazz.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2015.
Design Awards Saul Bell Design Awards 2015.
African Arts African Textiles and Adornment. Selections from the Marcel and Zaira Mis Collection.
Jewelry Design The Hidden Crafting of Pat Tseng.


Quietly found in the front window of the Craft and Folk Art Museum in 2015 was a spiritual compatriot to Koos Van Den Akker. Shoemaker Chris Francis has worn many hats in his life, but the path he now treads brings him an unparalleled canvas for creativity and contemplation of the human condition.


Glen R. Brown investigates mixed-media jeweler Susie Ganch’s series in the context of a larger trajectory. Tying in Ganch’s introspective musings, her interest in sustainable, ethicallysourced jewelry materials, and her current and future journey, Brown gives us insight into the particulars behind her work.


Ashley Callahan takes a dive into the technicolor world of weaver and clothing designer Patricia Palson. From her vibrantly hued workshop Palson involves herself in every step of the creative process, from making the textiles to deciding on the cut and fit of a dress or jacket. Weaving is her DNA, and from her rigorous play develops lustrous fabric.


Robin Updike shows that plastic and paper means more than just bag materials in Jennifer Merchant’s mesmerizing mixed-media jewelry. Her use of acrylic was derived from necessity, but the marriage of graphics and transparency found in Merchant’s work is a perfect match.


Carolyn L. E. Benesh ruminates judiciously over the panoply of craft artists who make up the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show. With a careful eye, she provides a vignette of makers in all different mediums. In doing so, she draws attention to the person behind the art, and celebrates how they, as individuals, contribute creatively to our world.